Booker Travels

Booker Travels is an original web video series about global travel through the eyes of a teenager that explores a wealth of topics such as history, music, food, and natural landscape. Surfing and skateboarding – two of Booker’s passions – are also used throughout our episodes as a vehicle for interaction with local cultures and languages.

Teenage travelers are the new explorers of the world we live in, the re-discoverers of our planet and now, the guides to our travels.

Since April of 2012, our series has lead us to Barcelona, the Brazilian Amazon, the American Southwest, Nicaragua, Montauk NY, San Francisco, Sri Lanka and North Carolina. All episodes are available on our website and YouTube Channel and posted very Saturday morning.

Among various international press attention, Booker – our 16-year-old host – was named “Traveler Of The Year” by National Geographic in 2012. He received a full-page spread on National Geographic Traveler Magazine, and since early 2013 he’s been writing Why Booker Travels for National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog.

“When you go and see the world up close with your own eyes,” Booker says, “it stays in you forever.”

Booker Travels is inspired by Booker’s journeys and a successful blog about his trips, called Kids Travel.

Lead Host, Booker

Booker is a native of New York City and in 11th grade. Being half Brazilian, he speaks Portuguese and English at home. He has been studying Mandarin Chinese for nine years and Spanish for four.

Booker developed a passion for surfing and skateboarding along with other sports at a young age. While in the city, he skates Manhattan and Brooklyn as much as possible. In the spring, summer, and fall he goes surfing in Montauk, and occasionally Long Beach or Rockaway.

Booker’s been traveling since before he could walk. Together with his parents, he has taken trips across the US and Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean, and South and Central America. Booker Travels is inspired by Booker’s journeys and a successful blog about his trips, called Kids Travel.

He has seen lava flow from Hawaiian volcanoes, toured Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, taken a road trip down Route 66, climbed Angel’s Landing at Zion, and skate-boarded in the Sequoia National Park. He has been on a boat trip down the Amazon River, explored castles in England, listened to salsa in Cuba, and tasted Catalan cuisine in Barcelona.

On his travels, he learns about history, cultures, ecology — and meets some really cool people.