Barbados EP62: Summer For Summer

From New York, Booker takes a 5-hour flight to Barbados, and a 35-minute car ride across the island to arrive in Bathsheba – his home for the next few days. After settling down, he meets Lee Lee at Sea Side Bar where he gets invited to watch a domino competition.

SUMMER FOR SUMMER is the first episode of our new series. Welcome to Barbados!

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Music by:

Halloween | SONG: Evil Makings | FMA

Zack Mexico | SONG: Weird Reef| BANDCAMP

Mighty Dragon | SONG: Donkey History | YouTube

Zachary Cale | SONG: All To Order | FMA | WEBSITE

Don Goliath | SONG: Lively Up Dub | FMA | WEBSITE

Thank you:
Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc


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