Morocco EP52: The Coast Part Two

This is the third episode of our Morocco Series.

Morocco’s Atlantic coast stretches for over 1,800 miles. From populated beaches close to cities to unspoiled ones in remote places, there is so much to explore here – and that’s exactly what Booker sets out to do. Take a trip from Essaouira to Taghazout.

Music by

C Production | SONG: Eastern Hiphop/Rap Instrumental (PREVIEW) Sultan Strings | SOUNDCLOUD

Volfoniq | SONG: Two step a dub | FMA

Ihsan Rmiki |SONG: Lhiawa | WEBSITE

Barrio Chino | SONG: El Salam | MYSPACE

Gnawa Njoum Experience | SONG: Leila A Kanour Jak | AMAZON

Brahim Fribgane | SONG: Amazigh | FMA

Lahbib Boutaxi – Track 2 TBA

The Grand Astoria | SONG: Enjoy the View (radio edit) | FMA

Halloween | SONG: Mickey Maos | FMA

Anitek | SONG: Lefty Loosey ft. Tab | FMA

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