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Morocco EP54: Marrakech Riads | Booker Travels

Morocco EP54: Marrakech Riads

Riads are Moroccan mansions with an internal courtyard, high walls and a fountain. Although they were originally built for private use, many Riads are now used as hotels, restaurants and boutiques. On this second installment of Booker Travels in Marrakech, Booker goes around to visit some of the best.


Light of East Ensemble | SONG: Rampi Rampi | last.fm
Mahmoud Guinia | SONG: Side A | awesometapes.com
Rouicha Mohamed | SONG: Track 01 | last.fm
Tickle | SONG: Too Jung | FMA
Hanine Y Son Cubano | SONG: Baladi | last.fm
Lata | SONG: [LCL31] Lata – Sin Sinal Dub (mildtape@dubomatic) | FMA
Brahim Fribgane | SONG: Sidi Rabi | FMA
Johnny Ripper | SONG: Watashi | FMA
Oum | SONG: Marrakech | ITUNES


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