Morocco EP56: In The Sahara – Part One

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. It covers 3.5 million square miles and portions of several countries, including Morocco.

This is MOROCCO: IN THE SAHARA – PART ONE. Booker spends the night in a Berber camp and goes to sleep under the stary sky of the desert and the sounds of Gnawa music. In the early morning, a camel call wakes him up for a dramatic ride on the dunes to watch the sunrise. Part Two comes next week.

Music by:

Rwicha | SONG: Track 02 | SOUNDCLOUD

Oum | SONG: Shine | WEBSITE

Brahim Fribgane | SONG: Sidi Rabi | FMA

Tallmute | SONG: Indigo |

Tislatin onzar | SONG: tfrkhin lmdinit Vs tn tmazirt | YOUTUBE

Anitek | SONG: Strange Sensations | FMA

The Orientalist | SONG: Islamatronic cantilliation | FMA


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