Morocco EP58: Made It To Fes

Fes is one of the most incredible places on earth.

Founded in 780, it’s known for being the best-preserved ancient city in the Arab world. Traveling here is like taking a trip back in time. Walking through the narrow streets is a journey beyond my senses.

Music by:

Groupe El Badil | SONG: Track 2 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

Hamid Al Mou | SONG: Side 1 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

Iliss Ntmazirte | Side 1 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

Aïcha Tachinwite | SONG: Track 2 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

Ihsan Rmiki and the group Zaman Al Wasl | WEBSITE | CD

Ihsan Rmiki and the group Zaman Al Wasl | WEBSITE | CD

Momma mint Dendenni & Seddoum ould Bowba Jiddou | Side 1 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

Momma mint Dendenni & Seddoum ould Bowba Jiddou | Side 2 | AWESOMETAPES.COM

TheTILAST/DeadMustach | SONG: TAWADA (été0807) | SOUNDCLOUD


  • I’ve been in Fez before and today I’ve traveled there again. Thanks Booker Travels!

    • bookerAdmin

      Hi Maria! Thank you very much for your comment. We hope to reach more people like you, and those who wish to travel there!

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