North Carolina Ep42: The Drive

With a map and a travel guide on his mobile gadget, Booker gets us from New York City to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. THE DRIVE is our first episode of an exciting new series of Booker Travels: North Carolina. Hop in!

Music by –

Paper Navy | SONG:  Swan Song – FMA

K. Sparks | SONG: Sunset – FMA

M.W.D. | SONG: Snake – FMA

Brandy Miller | SONG: Joshua Fought The Battle of Jericho – WEBSITE – FACEBOOK

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  • i am curious….you are traveling to my home state.

    next time you eat grits, have them on the plate with the eggs, so they can all slop together….makes them even better.

    • bookerAdmin

      Ha! That sounds great. I must try that. Can I do the same with turkey gravy? A friend of my mom who is also from the south says she is bringing cheese grits for Thanksgiving.

  • cheese grits are the best!! of course you can, grits are much like polenta. they will take on more of the flavor of what ever you cook them with or mix them up with.

    i bring back several bags of grits every time i go home.

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