Puerto Rico EP75: Old San Juan

Old San Juan is the first episode of our PUERTO RICO season at Booker Travel.

From traditional to modern treats, Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, is a city full of culture and history. Booker’s visit begins with a day spent in the old city, where historical buildings and colonial style architecture give him an introduction to the island. Also on this episode: a stop at Fatty’s for lunch, and Viera Discos – the best find of the day!

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Music by:

Mijo de la Palma | SONG: Puerto Rico en 4 Velas | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Musica Jibara Istrumental | YouTube

Afrofunk Experience | SONG: Nuevo Funk | Website | Bandcamp

Gillicuddy | SONG: Adventure Darling | Bandcamp | FMA

Burning Spear | SONG: Get Ready | YouTube

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico | SONG: Ojos Chinos | YouTube

Zachary Cale | SONG: Morning Glory Kid | Website | FMA

Cortijo y Su Combo with Ismael Rivera | SONG: Moliendo Cafe | YouTube


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