Puerto Rico EP76: The Wild Side of San Juan

After taking a break for a few weeks… we finally deliver PUERTO RICO: The Wild Side of San Juan.


In San Juan, you find an urban environment with wilderness just around the corner. So while traveling here, why not explore it all? The Wild Side of San Juan takes Booker to El Yunque National Forest with a stop on the coast.

Live music by LOS BRONSON  | Website
SONGS: Funk and Bass, Las Yales, and Jurakan

Additional music by

German Rosario | SONG: La Comadrona Y La Parturienta | YouTube

Oscar Y Ricardo | SONG: Beep Beep | Soundcloud

Pk Jazz Collective | SONG: Inspired by Peter Green | FMA | Blog

Monk Turner | SONG: Killer Kiara | FMA | Website

Nacho Sanabria | SONG: Mambo Batiri | YouTube

2-in-1 Backpack / Duffel – a favorite Eagle Creek

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