Sri Lanka Ep36: Spice Land

Get a taste for local food with Booker as he visits a spice garden. Sri Lanka: Spice Land explores the incredible tastes of Sri Lankan cuisine, all the way from the farm to the table.



Ras Ceylon

Maarion Elsz

Iraj, Ranidu & BK

Plastic Flowers


  • eliana korin

    What an amazing trip! Beautiful beaches! You are quite a surfer …so jealous of you beautiful ride on those waves. You made me curious about Sri Lanka’s food too. I didn’t know Sri Lanka people were so spontaneous and fun. Loved the improvised (?)musical band and dancers. Thanks for sharing.

    • tania

      Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you make it there someday. Sri Lanka is a very special place.

  • Betty Little

    Loved it, Booker. Thanks for sharing.

  • Eranga Darshana Wijendra.

    Thank you,of course Sri Lanka is a Very Special Place.

  • Thank You for the amazing work
    I am a sri lankan

  • why did you not come jaffna

    • bookerAdmin

      Unfortunately our time there did not allow us to travel to all the places we wanted to go. Hopefully next time. Also, thanks for sharing your photography work!

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