The Brazilian Amazon- A Different Perspective from the Tapajós

Like many villages in the Tapajós, Pedra Branca sits a few feet away from the water.

The river is not only used to fish but also to bathe and brush your teeth, to wash clothes and to play.


Many families here have a house in the village, and a piece of land outside where they grow manioc for personal and commercial usage.

They also fish and hunt but both have become more difficult.

The center of “town” has a church, a pool table/ supermarket, and a school. Kids can get an elementary and middle school diploma, but in order to continue their studies, they have to move to a bigger city.

It must be a difficult decision to make, leaving home and your family at a young age. But several of them do it in hope that they will have more options in life, specially now that the price of manioc flour, a main source of income, is so low.

I became quickly attached to these generous and easy-going people, who have electricity from a generator only two hours a night, and use Satelite-run TVs with bad reception as light bulbs to go about their house.

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