Music from our Nica Episodes

Music plays a big role at Booker Travels. It helps us to get a better taste of local culture and to learn what it’s like to live in different parts of the world.

Thank you to all of the talented musicians who allowed us to feature their music in our Nicaragua series.

Want to hear more? Click on the links and pictures below to find out how.

                Sofia Rei                                      Tonolec                                  Street Souls UK







              Si*Se                                         Sala Bipolar                                Rene Diaz Watson







            Revuelta Sonora                           Milly Majuc                        Manifiesto Urbano







  Los Hermanos Palacios           La Cuneta Son Machin                   Carlos Puebla







            Amparanoia              Grupa La Nueva Compania          Los Alegres de Ticuantepe







        Roberto Poveda                              Momotombo



Salvador Espinoza Rivera

Mike Garcia

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