BT in the Amazon

Booker begins his travels to the Brazilian Amazon flying from NYC to the port city of Santarém, in the state of Pará.  A long 23-hour trip proves itself worthwhile from day one.

In the weeks to come, Booker Travels in the Amazon will take you to fantastic journeys through rivers, villages and… the jungle! Be ready for a world that is little explored, adventures unknown.

This is not Booker’s first trip to the Amazon. It was in this amazing region that he started reporting his trips, at the time, through a blog called Kids Travel.

Amazon: The Long Arrival is about going back to a recent past, but mostly, about reliving things you love to live for.

If you think that Booker left his skateboard behind, you are wrong! Leave it to Booker to find one of the most exotic skate scenes yet.

Are you a teenage girl who likes longboarding and enjoys traveling?

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