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Booker Travels continues with National Geographic

Congratulations to Booker for being named TRAVELER OF THE YEAR BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER MAGAZINE!! This inaugural award celebrates the accomplishments of ten travelers around the globe who are visiting far-flung places and doing astonishing things. At fifteen years old, Booker is the youngest of the winners and the only teenage traveler.

The honorees for 2012 are boundary breakers, who explore the world with passion and purpose, inspire others to expand their horizons, ask big questions and seek new answers.

“We sifted through hundreds of nominations to pick world-shaking people on innovative missions,” said George Stone, contributing editor of National Geographic Traveler. “Each of these dedicated voluntourists, green-minded adventurers and culture-embracing pilgrims reminds us that we have the power to reach beyond the bubble of our daily lives, learn from locals in far-flung places and make a difference both around the world and in our own neighborhoods.”

Click here to read Booker’s full interview about the award.

And, adding to Booker’s National Geographic award, the magazine chose him to be one of the bloggers on the Family Time section of National Geographic’s Blog Intelligent Travel.

He will be writing an article for each new destination we visit on Booker Travels.  Keep your eyes open for his newest piece — and click here to read the pieces he has already posted.

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