Congratulations to all the World Responsible Tourism Award winners of 2014!

The Awards Ceremony took place this past Wednesday, November 5th, at the WTM Global Stage in London.

The World Responsible Tourism Awards rest on a simple principle – that all types of tourism, from niche to mainstream, can and should be organized in a way that preserves, respects and benefits destinations and local people.

Even though we did not get the award, all of us at Booker Travels are extremely thankful and honored for having two of our episodes nominated for awards! Our episodes “Nicaragua: Beach Life” and “Morocco: Marrakech Riads” were both nominated for “Best short film for responsible tourism” category.

Through this experience, we have learned more about responsible tourism and we’re thinking more carefully about what we do. Starting at home, we will continue to support our local communities by spreading the word through our NY Sweet posts that cover cool initiatives and events we find out about. And as our footprint goes across oceans and boarders, we hope to keep taking a positive and respectful attitude to all things we learn from, the destinations we visit and people we meet along the way.

For more information on World Responsible Tourism Awards and a list of the winners of 2014, click HERE.



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