Everybody’s Doorman


We recently came across a post via Trekurious about the passing of Mr. Kottarappu Chathu Kuttan, the iconic doorman at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Kuttan was 94 years old and had worked at Galle Face Hotel for 70 years. He was famous for being one of the oldest hotel employees in the world, but as the Ceylon Today remarked, he was a lot more: “He recognized almost all faces of frequent visitors and was a hit amongst the many guests of the Hotel. His welcoming broad-smile and hands raised to say “Ayubowan” (may you live longer), was always a symbolic sight at Galle Face Hotel.”

Learning about Mr. Kuttan, made us think about all the amazing hotel workers we’ve met on our travels and how many of them significantly impacted our travel experiences. In gratitude and admiration to Mr. Kuttan, and every doorman and hotel employee, here are a few of our videos that celebrate you and the work that you do:

Nicaragua: A Christmas Special

Sri Lanka: Kandy Part I

Morocco: In the Sahara

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