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Revisiting Barbados Soundtrack | Booker Travels

Revisiting Barbados Soundtrack

Bunkr is a new online platform that allows people to make simple and beautiful presentations that can easily link to social media and websites. We have begun to work in collaboration with Bunkr and have taken the opportunity to revisit our old series’ soundtracks. People always love knowing what music we put in our episodes. We try to find local music, which teaches us about the culture, and music that captures the energy of the places we visit. Summer is in full swing, so this week we bring you some real laid-back Caribbean sounds from our Barbados Episodes. The first slide is a list of my favorites, the second slide is a list of all the local music that we used, and the rest are the sound tracks for each individual episode. Enjoy at the office, at home, or better yet: the beach.


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