Our First Week!

From the end of Long Island, the middle of Brooklyn, the south of Brazil, and the heart of Spain, our team launched Booker Travels this past Saturday!

The best part of it all: to hear the words of support from so many people. Thank you all for making our first week a great one, for emailing us your thoughts and comments, and most of all, for traveling with us from this very beginning.

Many people have asked how to subscribe to our show, if we can remind them when something new is up. Click here so we can send you a weekly email. Also, add us on your Youtube subscription or Facebook page.

Booker Travels will have a new episode every Saturday morning, and Barcelona is our home for this first month. Keep watching our upcoming episodes, and you will understand why.

This week BT presents Barcelona: Home Away From Home.

When you get lost in Barcelona, you find amazing things!

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