Summer time

It’s hard to get work done these days! Between the multiple heat waves in New York City, surfing out on the beach in Montauk, and watching the Euro Cup Tournament, the Booker Travels team has been busy. Do keep checking in, as we will be launching our newest series in Nicaragua soon. We hope you are all enjoying your summers as much as we are!

Highline, NYC


Zum Schneider in Montauk. Our favorite place to watch the games


Zum Schneider


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  • Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. I try to teach my boys to alawys help other people. Every month we go through our cabinets and make up bags to help some families near us that need help. My boys enjoy helping but dont quite understand the whole reason behind it yet. Even though they dont understand we do and to see them doing something so huge makes me so proud! Way to go on raising such AWESOME boys!

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