Amazonian Food

The Amazon is where you can find some of the most authentic Brazilian cuisine. As you eat, you will constantly be surprised by unexpected and unfamiliar tastes and textures; like nothing you’ve ever had before! Almost all of the food here is made solely from locally grown fruits and herbs, and freshly caught fish and meat.

Here is a list of Booker’s favorites:

1. Tapioca

It is a kind of tortilla made from manioc flour that is then covered in butter for breakfast, other toppings if you want to have it as lunch.

2. Manioc flour

Usually sprinkled on top of your meal. Booker loves it with beans.

3. Fresh water fish

Some favorites: pirarucu, tambaqui, surubim and tucunaré.

4.   Caldeirada

Stew made of shrimp, potatoes, tomato, onion and tucupi (a yellow sauce made from manioc), served with rice and pirao (a rich fish gluey sauce).

5. Local wild fruit

Must: cupuaçu, bacuri, jambo and Amazon mini papaya

Popular dishes to try:

Tacacá: a tasty soup with fish, shrimp, eggs, potatoes, jambu (a flowering herb) and tucupi.

Maniçoba:  a dish made with boiled ground manioc leaves and salted pork, then served with farinha (or rice).

Caruru: a paste made from okra, onion, nuts, palm oil, black-eyed peas and shrimp, often formed into balls and deep-fried.

Pato no Tucupi: a mixture of duck, jambu (a flowering herb) and tucupi (yellow sauce made from manioc), served with rice and pepper.

Great markets to visit:

In Belem: Ver-o-Peso

In Manaus: Mercado Municipal

In Santarém: Mercado 2000

We are sharing with you some amazing pictures of Amazonian food by Rogério Assis

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Food from Amazon by Rogério Assis

A photo selection of popular dishes from the Amazon. Photographer: Rogério Assis

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