Amazonian River Vacation

Amazon River Vacation:

Traveling by boat is by far the best way to explore the Amazon. In order to get the most out of your visit, do as Booker did and take a weeklong overnight boat trip.

Rio Negro

Visit the beautiful, vast Rio Negro near the city of Manaus. This was one of Booker’s favorite spots back in 2005 when he first visited the Amazon.

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Rio Arapiuns

A short distance from developed Santarem, a trip to the Arapiuns River gives you a chance to be in areas that feel remote without having to travel too far.

If you want to do it on your own, walk to the city port like we did with Booker, and find a great boat for hire. Ours was Vereda Tropical.

VEREDA TROPICAL – 011 55 9129-7077


Ecotourism in the Amazon is hugely important. It is a rainforest, after all! To learn about a great community-based ecotourism experience. Check out:

Saude e Alegria (Health and Joy Organization)

 Amazônia Brasil


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