Dishes and Traditions


Many Spanish traditions have influenced Nicaraguan’s culture, and Christmas Day is no different.

Here are some foods typically eaten:

Valencian style rice – similar to Paella
Ensalada de jicama y naranja – a salad of jicama and orange
Nacatamal – tamales, larger than the mexican version and wrapped in a banana leaf
Freshly baked bread
Spanish Biscochos are served for dessert


In Nicaragua, Christmas is a 2-week long celebration. Here are some activities that can’t be missed:

Many locals participate in the Las Posadas celebration. Again derived from Spanish countries, Las Posadas is a reenactment of the birth of Jesus Christ which lasts 9 days.

Christmas Eve is spent attending midnight mass, and then heading home to enjoy a special homemade meal. After dinner, everyone opens gifts and set off fireworks as part of the celebration.

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