Getting to Nicaragua

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Managua International Airport

Helpful tips that helped get Booker to Nicaragua:

No Visa is required for US citizens to enter the country. However, a tourist card must be purchased for $10 upon arrival.

Airlines that fly into the city of Managua include United, Delta, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.  There are few direct flights from the US, and all layovers go through Miami, Atlanta, or Houston.

If you want Managua to break up your day of travel, stay near the airport! The city is very complicated to drive around and the roads are busy. We recommend staying at the Hotel Camino Real , where we stayed. We’ve also heard good things about Las Mercedes (Best Western).

We highly recommend renting a car when in Nicaragua. If possible, make your reservation from home for a better rate, like we did through Toyota rental car. Otherwise, the Managua airport is a good place to do this.

Rent a 4×4! We found ourselves driving primarily on dirt roads with large potholes. We even crossed small river streams on our drive to the coast.

Lastly, if you’re adventurous enough to take a bus down to San Juan del Sur, contact Johnny at Classic Cruisers where you can rent really cool classic jeeps.

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