Let’s go to Masaya

There’s plenty to do in Nicaragua once you step off the beach.

These are tips from our day in Masaya:

Masaya Volcano National Park

This park is comprised of two volcanoes, one being the famous Popogatepe. Hike around the craters and peek over the edge to watch them release smoke and sulfuric gases.


There’s plenty of wildlife to be seen, too!


The town of Masaya

Only 20 minutes from Managua, the town of Masaya is also a must see. While small, it is one of the most populated cities in Nicaragua. With all of the people comes a rich cultural, indigenous history. Be sure to look for the dozens of street musicians, dancers and even street theater.

Also, when in town, check out the Mercardo de Artesanias or Craft Market, and try the delicious smoothies at Kokteles El Pollo.

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