Rooftop Films

If you want to make full use of the summer months and the opportunity to be outside in New York, watch movies on rooftops!

Rooftop Films is a great organization that shows movies on various rooftop locations and the scene is usually… pretty amazing. The other really cool thing about it is their program – underground movies from the US and abroad, many of which you can only see here. Last year, I went to see “This Ain’t California”, a documentary about skateboarding in former East Germany. We sat on the roof of a high school in the Lower East Side with skate ramps all around, good old punk music playing live before the film – fantastic!

Today, August 3, at 9:00 pm – Rooftop Films is showing a documentary called Cutie and The Boxer which sounds great. The director and the subjects of the film will be there, and they are also featuring live Music and live “Boxing Painting”!! A must to be checked out:

And here is the location:

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