The NY Wild FF

There is still time to catch some of the wild this weekend!

The New York WILD Film Festival, happening from January 29-31 at The Explorers Clubon 46 E 70th St. in NYC. The films being screened are amazing including this year’s Oscar nominated documentary  VIRUNGA.

“The New York WILD Film Festival seeks to inspire appreciation for the planet and concern for its protection. The festival honors filmmakers who through the power of their images and storytelling, promote awareness, educate and foster interest in exploring and protecting the natural world around us. Through compelling, exhilarating films and conversations NY WILD presents an extraordinary opportunity to exchange ideas, affect vital change and celebrate the WILD.”

With so many film festivals in the city year-round, The New York Wild Film Festival definitely brings something different to movie goers, who wouldn’t normally get to see what they are showing here.

So check out their website and grab a ticket to enjoy a film and support the festival.

WATCH this great Festival Trailer here:

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