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GRAFFITI & ART IN NYC | Booker Travels


This weekend head down to the Lower East Side to KLUGHAUS NY. PALINGENESIS is a special pop-up exhibit of Gorey and Paris’ PAL Crew, along with other awesome graffiti artists. Read some of the press release below:

“One of the most prominent graffiti crews in Paris, PAL is united by its members’ shared love of creative expression. With GOREY as a forefather, PAL has developed a unique movement and style of graffiti that is completely its own. While there is a complicated, yet fascinating line between graffiti and fine art, the collective has made a seamless transition into the art world in a tasteful way that does not categorize the work as simply “graffiti,” yet sustains the collective’s distinct styles and energy within a gallery setting.” source: http://www.klughaus.net/shows.html

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