5 Most Breathtaking Sunset Spots

A beautiful sunset view will always be a classic highlight of sightseeing—check out our favorite places to watch darkness fall.

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

Photo by: Rob Weir

You shouldn’t have much trouble getting to this attraction, because Mount Haleakala makes up over 75% or the island of Maui. This dormant volcano’s name means “House of the Sun,” and it’s one of the many locations around Hawaii where there’s a good chance of seeing the famous “green flash” sunset—seen only at the very moment when the sun touches the horizon.   This phenomenon is thought to be a mirage by some.  But, real or not, it’s a hauntingly beautiful sight when viewed from on high!

The Taj Mahal, India

Photo by: kcsnapshots.org

Built as a tribute to an emperor’s dead wife, the Taj Mahal will entrance lovers when the sunset reflects of its white marble and sparkles on the surface of the reflecting pool located in the grounds of the palace. Under the right conditions, a pinkish haze hangs over the gardens and buildings, making this landmark to love the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Photo by: tripadvisor.com

This island is home to several of Scotland’s most prominent clans, as well having a haunting, windswept landscape that provides a perfect foreground to the sun setting over the ocean.  Its light is given a cold, hazy quality by the ever-present mists. Hike, or even take a pony ride, through this dramatic landscape while you watch this sunset!

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Photo by: all-that-is-interesting.com

The entirety of the Serengeti’s huge expanse is colored by this sunset that paints the white sand like a canvas with its colors. You’ll feel like you’re in a Disney movie as soon as you see the sparsely leafed trees silhouetted against orange sky and dark clouds, the sun hanging in the air like a lion cub being held up by a baboon.

Lofoten, Norway

Photo by: Jørn Allan Pedersen

Now this is the kind of sunset you don’t see every day…because it doesn’t happen every day. In between the “midnight sun” and “polar night” stages of Norway’s seasons, during which there is neither sunrise nor sunset, this archipelago is a beautiful place to view Scandinavia’s sunsets.  It’s made more special because its ‘s rare. With the surrounding mountains embracing the sea as the sun descends, this 360-degree view is s a must see while it’s in season!


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