Surf in Barbados


Barbados has its fair share of quality surf. Waves are capable of breaking almost anywhere on the island. It’s completely realistic to drive from one side of the island to the other to catch some waves. The best surf happens form November to June but waves vary depending on the island coasts.

Where Booker Surfed:

The East coast is exposed to Atlantic swells. So on this coast, strong trade winds are capable of bringing some waves during the summer and fall. The East coast is also home to Soup Bowl, the most famous Bajan surf spot. It breaks over a reef and is the heart of Bathsheba, where we stayed for the first leg of our trip. We stayed at a house that we found through Barry’s Surf Barbados; the name of the house is Crystal Waters and it was perfectly placed right next to the beach with a deck overlooking the Bajan Soup Bowl.

We’re so grateful Barry’s Surf Barbados has this great map showing where Booker surfed. You can check it out HERE and learn more about all the surf spots around the island.

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