Looking back in time

Here areThe more we travel in Sri Lanka, the more we want to see and learn about it.

Sri Lanka has been known by different names: Lanka, Sinhala, Taprobane, Serendib and Ceilão (given by the Portuguese). As a British colony, Ceilão was translated into English as Ceylon, and when the country reached its independence in 1948, it became the Dominion of Ceylon.

In 1972, Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka. Sri means “sacred” – and Lanka means “island” in Sanskrit – and is close to both the Sinhalese and Tamil.

Here are some incredible videos that revisit the country’s past:

Train Travel from Kandy to Colombo, Sri Lanka, ca. 1913

Tropical Ceylon 1932

Song of Ceylon 1934

Ceylon – Sri Lanka in 1940

We also found this site that sells old postcards with images of the island:


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