Island Hotspots


While we were in Barbados we found out that you can actually drive around the entire island in just 5 hours (With some stops, of course.)

We wanted to share with you every corner of Barbados because we really fell in love but we narrowed down the list to the places that made the episode cut because we know your time is important. Check out the places that made it in!



BATHSHEBA is located on the east coastline and it is one of the main fishing villages on the island. It has the Flower Forest and Joe’s River Tropical Rainforest but also Bathsheba Beach is known as the Soup Bowl for its incredible annual surf competitions!

MARTIN’S BAY is also located on the east coast but it is very different from Bathsheba in that it is a quiet, soft, and shallow beach that creates small pools that let you soak in and admire the sea life that inhabits the coral reef.

CRANE BEACH used to be a harbor. Its name comes from the large crane at the top of the cliff, which was used for loading and unloading ships. It is now considered to be the most beautiful beach in Barbados! It has some waves that allow the action-cravers to do some boogie boarding.

GINGER BAY is located just to the east of crane beach. It is a lot less crowded but it is just as beautiful! There are also some waves in Ginger Bay, but there are also strong currents, so these waters are for the brave and firm swimmers.

BOTTOM BAY is on the southern coast of the island. It has become increasingly popular for picnics. The waves rolling off the crisp blue waters are smooth and strong making this beach great for boogie boarding but not so great for just floating around.

LITTLE BAY is in the Northeast coast of Barbados. This bay is a unique little haven because nature created a small pool of still water in between a range of rocks. Surrounding the pools, is a reef that protects the pool from big waves and when the waves crash against the rocks, the water and air go through wind holes, creating amazing and beautiful splashes!



SIX MEN’S BAY is a fishing village in the north of Speightstown. It is where the fishermen come back to with the daily catch. This bay is all about fish, on Friday and Saturday evenings the locals have fish fries that you’re welcome to join!

SPEIGHTSTOWN  is the second largest town in the island and it is also known as Little Bristol. It is very lively and there’s a lot of local commerce going on with fruit vendors and small shops lining the main streets of the town.

HEYWOODS BEACH is very close to Speightstown. It has calm waters and a wide area of sand and rocks. The beach is perfect for exploring the waters since the reefs control the current and also provide a home for sea life.

GIBBES BEACH is known for being one of the most unpopulated beaches on the island, which makes it calm and quiet. It is the perfect place to sit back in the sand or take a swim and relax.

MULLINS BEACH is on the west coast right next to Gibbes beach. Unlike its quiet neighbor, it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. There’s a beach bar and many umbrellas and lounge chairs to make your beach day relaxing and enjoyable.

BRIDGETOWN is the capital of Barbados. IT is the busiest town in the island with a population of 80,000. It is a town filled with commerce and locals and it is filled with historical buildings including the Chamberlain Bridge.

MIAMI BEACH also known as Enterprise Beach is a popular weekend and holiday spot among the locals. On the west side of this beach flow calm waters and on the east side are more excited waters. The popularity of Miami Beach makes it easy to rent umbrellas, chairs, boogie boards, and to find local delicious treats!

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