Websites for tourists in Spain

When going to Barcelona, Booker and our team wanted to get as much out of our time as possible. These are some websites that were used as guides to navigate both the gothic and cosmopolitan nature of this coastal city:

Tourist Office of Spain

Barcelona Turisme

Spain, and more specifically, Barcelona have websites offering instructions on everything you need to know before you travel. These tips include how to get there, what to see, and even local news and weather.

Brian Berenty wrote this savvy article for AOL Travel. It’s perfect for parents looking to travel with their teenagers:
AOL Travel

For students looking to explore on their own, STA provides assistance from the beginning phases of planning their trip, all the way to discounts while in Spain:

Frommers offers an extensive walking tour through The Gothic Quarter. Thanks to this guide we were able to see plenty of medieval Barcelona.

We also never travel without our Lonely Planet!

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