The Brazilian Amazon- Alter do Chão

On the Tapajós River, Alter Do Chão is a true paradise.

I visited Alter do Chão with my family in 2005, and have been hoping to return here ever since.

It was a bit shocking to see how much had been built in only six years, but  Alter is still a small town with one of the most beautiful views you can find, right from its center: the Ilha do Amor (Love Island).


There are two seasons in the Amazon: the dry season and the rainy season. At the end of the rainy season, the water level slowly goes down and white sand beaches appear. Ilha do Amor is one long sandbar with beaches on both side that can be reached by a 5-minute canoe ride.


Locals go there to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the blue waters of the Tapajós, and fresh grilled fish. Restaurant cabanas provide tables and chairs right on the water with a fantastic setting of the river and people having fun.


Going to Ilha do Amor is our daily routine. Everyday we go there to swim and explore the cabanas. However, many of these restaurants are still closed, waiting for the water level to go down.. This may take a few months, or maybe only weeks.

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