The Brazilian Amazon- Arapiuns, another river I learn to love.

We wake up and rush to get on a bus to go to Santarém, where our boat awaits us.

It is early in the morning but the air is already hot and humid. That and the fact I can hardly breath inside the crowded bus, makes me feel nauseous. I am actually so sick that for the first time I am happy to see Santarém, my least favorite place in the area.

However, once we made it to Vereda Tropical I forgot about the start to the day.

I am with my parents and our friend Anne, who came from the states to adventure with us. We rearrange the area by getting rid of the several plastic chairs and hang our hammocks.

This is our living room, our deck, our shower area, and our bedroom.

I spend most of the day staring out to the forest and water around me, and taking pictures.

It is a full day trip to our final destination, Aruã. We decide to go straight there, taking our time to make stops only on our way back. But we do make a stop at a deserted beach for lunch, and without thinking twice, I jump overboard for a swim!


As we slowly move up the river, we see the sun magically go down as we say good bye to our first day on the Arapiuns.

I love this river.

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