The Brazilian Amazon- Aruã

There is always a feeling of something mysterious when you wake up in a place you arrive in the evening.

Aruã is not only the name of a village but also the name of a waterfalls. I can’t see it from where I am, but I can hear the sound of water falling, heard it all night.

Another mysterious thing about this place is the entrance to the village, which is right next to where we parked our boat. The long stairs that take you up, reveal very little of what is to be seen.

I follow our guide through a path along the river. The sound of the water gets louder, and after about five minutes, there it is: the Aruã Waterfalls.

Although the falls is not tall, the force of its water is very strong, the sound incredibly loud. A few feet away, a small B&B has a natural pool.

The cold water reminds me of a waterfalls I visited when I was seven, and how much I enjoyed it.

There are sections in which you can feel the current pulling you. My favorite thing is to hold on to a rope and just let the current pull my body.

We spend a big part of the day here, and even get a tour through the empty cabins of the Bed & Breakfast.

After lunch we finally go see the village.

There are houses spread out but no one to be seen, the shops are closed and the center’s playground empty. It looks like a scene in a Twilight Zone film I saw.

When I finally hear noise, I see a couple of kids playing soccer in a backyard.

We get back to the boat and turn around to start going down the river. We leave Aruã in the same way we found it, lonely and mysterious.

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