The Brazilian Amazon- Tapajós with the Health and Happiness organization

We left Santarém in the morning with Gabriel, Bob, Roni, and In-Hei, a friend visiting from the States. On a trip up the Tapajós river, we are visiting 3 different villages with a project from Saúde e Alegria (Health and Happiness), and giving out computers, cell phones, and more. This project helps the self esteem of the communities and gives them more of a voice in the world.

As our boat pulled into the muddy beach of the first community a small group of smiling locals warmly greeted us and sang us a welcoming local song.

There we were given a tour of the community, and we went inside the local radio tower where music and programs are blasted on loudspeakers throughout this community and many others.

We dropped off a computer and some extra equipment and then headed to Suruacá for lunch.

Bob and Gabriel checked on how people are doing with their equipment.

Suruacá is one of the more advanced communities and already have 6 computers. So after lunch Bob and Gabriel, two workers from Saude e Alegria presented one more to the community. Although we had only been at Suruacá for a short time, we felt very connected to the locals, and wished we could stay longer.

But we had to make our way to Pedra Branca where we would spend the night, and introduce the Saude e Alegria project for the first time to the village.

We stayed at Dona Marcia’s house who generously lent hammocks for us to use.

On the second and last day of our trip Bob and Gabriel showed the community how to use 3G cell phones which Vivo generously provided to the project so that the communities can learn to make videos.

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