The Brazilian Amazon- The Headquarters

Back in ’05 we stayed in small hotels and boats during our entire trip in the Amazon, however, this time around we decided to rent a house. After two months of writing back and forth with nine people trying to help us find a spot, a friend of a friend directed us to Professor Barata’s home.

Barata teaches at the University of Campinas in southern Brazil, and lives in Alter do Chão for part of the year while working on a research project and replanting rosewood.

Located near the privileged neighborhood of Lago Verde, we were lucky to find this great place, nice enough to stay within the local environment but not too fancy like many of the houses nearby.


Professor Baratas’ house is surrounded by nature and sounds of animals and birds. I keep switching from sleeping either on the bed or a hammock. And almost every morning I wake up with the sounds of monkeys.

It is weird to never get to see them, just to hear their loud howls from a short distance.

But there is plenty around to entertain me like birds of different species, Rapunzel – our neighbor’s little pig, and a tarantula that I just spotted in front of our house.

Only a 5-minute walk to town, this place serves as our headquarters.

And unlike staying at a hotel, it also becomes home. From here we will go from one to five-day trips on boats to explore the region. And although we have no phone or internet, we have warm showers, working toilets, and a kitchen with a helper who comes for part of the day, everyday. Not bad…

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