The Brazilian Amazon- The Perfect Spot

We look at the map and decide to explore a branch of the river near the village of Mentai.

Even our captain who goes up and down the Arapiuns all the time has never been there, so I get more excited about the adventure.

The place feels like a bay, the forest embracing us.

Then, in the middle of nowhere, we see a couple of canoes and people near the edge of the water.

Our captain asks permission to park our boat, and we are welcomed.

A local family who lives in Mentai uses this land to process manioc and grow a few medicinal trees.

I learn about Andiroba, and how its seed is used to make oil, high in analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

I meet everyone, including the grandfather.

The kids are so shy that they don’t speak even when we ask them questions, but they follow us with curiosity and smiles.

We ask and are welcomed to have our boat there for the evening.

When the family leaves for Mentai, the place feels even more remote.

It is only us and nature.

It is the perfect spot.

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