The Brazilian Amazon- Vereda Tropical

Our next trip while in the Amazon will be to the Arapiuns River.

We go to the port in Santarém and under the hot sun, look for different boat possibilities.

There is a series of similar boats that leave daily to the Arapiuns, but looking at their infra-structure, and being that we have a guest from NY, we are not sure if we want to take them. Also, we are not sure if we want to be with 45 other people in a small space for more than an hour.

We finally decide to go by ourselves so we can explore the river and the villages at our own pace, and with a little more privacy and comfort.

After asking around we find the Vedera Tropical.

The captain will be Roni, the same captain we had on our Tapajos trip.

I will go up and down the Arapiuns River on a 5 day boat trip. Stay tuned for the places and experiences to come. 

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