barcelona, day nine

Today was our last day and we had a lot to do. First, we headed towards Barceloneta to meet up with friends. We had not been to that area yet, and it was great to sit at a restaurant by the water. It felt as if we were in a small village near the beach. And of course, as our last big meal in the country… we went for the paella!

We had some unfinished work to do, so my mom and I split up. I went to meet up with Niki Waltl, a cameraman who works a lot on skate videos. He became a good friend here and offered to take me around the city showing me all the different skate spots I still had not visited. Also great, he brought his camera with him, and did some cool shots of me skating.

If you want to see some cool skate videos shot by Niki, check these out:

We intend to use local live music in the editing of Booker Travels, so while I skated, my mom met Germán, an amazing flamenco guitarist. Thank you Germán for meeting with us, and for ¡Pelea! to introducing us to Germán!

Somehow, the last day was one of the best, the worst (because it was our last day), the most productive, the most tiring, the most memorable.

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