Barcelona, day seven

Today, we only left the house in the afternoon, however, once we left, we did plenty of cool things. We visited our friend Pol’s father’s hair salon, Peluqueria Marcel, which is in a nice neighborhood. Marcel has been cutting hair for years, and seems to know everybody and every place in the city. Since we were hungry, he sent us over to a hidden jewel of a restaurant called La Cuina D’en Garriga. 

Unfortunately the place only has a few tables and they were all reserved. We were kind of bummed out, but when we mentioned we were sent by Marcel, someone who works there felt bad about not being able to accommodate us, and walked us to another amazing restaurant nearby called Tapas 24. The place was upscale but at the same time lay-back. My favorite dish was the squid with ink.

We then got a little lost and came across an amazing ham store called Reserva Ibérica. Spain is famous for its ham and now I understand why. We tasted samples and learned about how they raise their pigs and cure their ham. I couldn’t believe we were ham tasting right after having lunch. But Barcelona is a lot about food.

For dessert, we headed over to Cacao Sampaka where I had their Aztec hot chocolate, which is too thick to drink, so we ate it with a spoon.

We have been taking the subway a lot, but mostly we walk. On our way back home, I realized how amazing transportation is in Barcelona. Many of the locals either have a motorcycle, or are members of El Bicing. El Bicing provides bikes throughout the city for members to pick up and ride to wherever they need to go. 

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