Nicaragua- Day Eight

Today is our last day in Popoyo, and the swell finally calms down. We only have the morning to surf, and we head over to Popoyo as quickly as we can.

The waves are small, but look fun, and I am excited to get in the water. I surf until the tide is too low to continue, and because the water is so shallow, I keep cutting myself on the rocks.

We still have some time, and we make our way to Dairy Queens in Astillero.

The surf is too small at Dairy Queens, but a beach break on the other side of the rocks is surfable. My dad and I have a great time alone for our last Nicaraguan surf session.

Our morning is perfect, and we quickly pack up and leave Popoyo as fast as possible.

I will miss Popoyo and all the things I saw in the villages around it:

We are back on the road and head to Masaya to meet the Hermanos Palacios while they rehearse with their marimba band.

The marimba is a traditonal Nicaraguan instrument, and is a lot like the xylophone.

The Palacios family has had a marimba band for generations, and we film them playing.

The marimba is very loud, and can be heard throughout the neighborhood, especially since they played in their open backyard.

They have to leave to play at a funeral up north so we say goodbye and go to our next and last destination:

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