Nicaragua- Day Four

We luckily meet Andrey, a Costa Rican surfer who moved to Nicaragua for a better life built around surfing, and only surfing.

He figured out how to live an ideal life where all he does is surf, even as his job. Although business doesn’t come often, Andrey is a surf guide for tourists, and also works at the Two Brothers surf camp. We hire him for the day, and he shows us to many local spots which was totally worth it.

We start out the day by surfing at Dairy Queens, a long left pointbreak which is a softer and generally smaller wave, but with the big swell which just hit, Dairy Queens was firing, and long perfect head high sets kept rolling in.

There are many names for Dairy Queens, such as El PeƱon, which is the local name, or Lance’s Left, named after its big brother in Indonesia.

The waves were super fun, just that the paddle out was really far and I was stuck paddling in place for about 5 minutes because of all the currents that the swell brought.

Andrey continued to show us around, but I was pretty beat after Lance’s Left and we just surf a beach break in Astillero for the rest of the day.

I get along well with Andrey, and we talk a lot.

By the end of the day we find ourselves sitting in Andrey’s front yard, the beach, and enjoying the sunset.

He lives in a real surfshack right on the beach with only one room, a hammock outdoors, a grill, a dog, and a world class surf break.

If you come to Nicaragua and need a surf guide Andrey is your man.

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