Nicaragua- Day Nine

We expected to only spend the night in Granada, since it seemed touristic and overpriced, but we soon notice something more.

I spend the morning skating though this small, colonial, beautiful city. For once, there are sidewalks, worth skating, and one wall is more colorful than the next.

Granada is located along Lake Nicaragua, and I skate to the lake hoping for more smooth sidewalks, and maybe even a swim. To my surprise, I find that the lake is huge and not swimmable, at least by the boardwalk. We get out of the area as fast as possible since it is also dicey.

We go back up to the center of town and straight into the ChocoMuseo, which is a small chocolate factory, museum, and store. There I take part of a workshop which shows me how to make chocolate.

By the time I leave the class, it is already time to clean up and head for dinner. It was extremely hot during the day, and after skateboarding most of the time, I definitely need a shower.

However expensive this town is, we find a place that serves the greatest dinner and still very affordable with dollars. Encuentros is owned by a Dutch family, father and son. The place is cool, beautifully designed, and the meal is prepared by an amazing Spanish chef.

Dinner started with a few tapas which included ceviche, a way to cook with only lemon juice, and ended with pesto and a dish of chicken orange and prunes. For the last dinner of the trip, we made a good choice.

I still have my skateboard with me, but end up walking home since my legs are tired from skateboarding all day.

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