Nicaragua- Day Seven

Today we take a break from the beach in Popoyo and head over to Masaya early in the morning. Masaya is both a town and a volcano about 2 hours away from Popoyo and 1 hour away from Managua. That is – without breaking down or getting lost along the way, which we do…

The roads are long, confusing and bumpy, with again, many streams to cross.

As soon as we reach Masaya and see the three craters, two volcanoes, and the amazing 360 degree view that comes with them, I completely forget about the long and tiring trip.

One of the volcanoes is still active and last erupted in 1772. Today you can see its lava path and smoke still pouring out of the crater.

There is a big cross at the highest point on this volcano which the Spaniards put to rid the volcano of the “demons” inside it.

Because of the sulfur in the smoke, its hard to breath.

We move onto the next volcano which is very different since it is now inactive. Instead of ash and rocks, there is plenty of vegetation growing inside of the crater.

We drive over to the town of Masaya, where we go to a couple of markets.

The first is an artisanal fair but very touristic, and the only things I get interested in are t-shirts, marimbas and stuffed frogs.

However, the local market is great. It also has a lot more energy since it is for locals, by locals.

On our way home we stop by a “batida” stand in a central square to enjoy some of their many fruit smoothie combinations.

It sure beats Jamba Juice, and I go back for seconds.

It is getting late and I decide to get some traditional food for the ride back.

Our last night in Popoyo:

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