Nicaragua- Day Six, Christmas

The wind really picked up today, and it was impossible to surf.

We had anticipated this and planned to go to Volcano Masaya but we woke up too late, and were forced to stay near home. We decided to check out a turtle sanctuary which took us on a drive through beautiful forest, a few streams and a even a river! Luckily we have our 4-wheel car.

We find out that the turtles only come to shore at night to lay their eggs so there was nothing there to see. Nevertheless, we head down to the beach, and the view was worth driving through miles of dirt roads and streams. The beach was completely empty and even had its own break.

It was a slow day, and from there we headed over to Yolanda’s Cafe, a local restaurant with a great grilled chicken and a pet monkey.

Yolanda’s is in between Rancho Santana and Popoyo, so we head over to the Santana to enjoy the sunset.

Merry Christmas!!!

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