Nicaragua- Day Three

Today we decide to go explore Nica style, which means bumpy roads with dirt and rocks. A tempting sign for “Magnific Rock” lures us to a beautiful cliff, with an outlook of all the local surf breaks, such as Outer Reef, Popoyo, and Rancho Santana.

Looking down from the cliff, I can see a huge rock formation which looks like a shipwreck, and next to it a super long and soft left pointbreak.

Magnific Rock’s hotel and restaurant are almost finished being built, and the place is perfect.

A great owner, Jackson, from Australia is really nice, and despite what some touristic spots are doing, he cares about the region and hires natives to work. The place is amazing —- a great owner, a perfect view, cool people hanging out, and what I discover is a super fun break when a big swell hits.

So after exploring the spot, I come back for some chicken tacos with the famous “Jackson Sauce”.

From there we head over to another great break with “magnific” rocks, Playa Madera.

A much more touristic spot, but from photos that I saw in the States, the drive seemed worth it. Little did we know what we had gotten ourselves into, and the road was very long with more rocks and dirt.

Once we arrived, the beautiful rocks and great surf made me forget about the long journey to get there.

I was surprised by how many people there were and it truly was a surfer’s hangout.

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