Nicaragua- Day Two

This is the view from our porch at Popoyo Beach Lodge. It is perfect.

Although this is also one of the best breaks around here, it is closing out and not surfable, so we decide to check-out other spots.

We make a stop at Popoyo Ding Repair so my dad and I can rent boards.

It costs $200 each way to take a board on a plane, so we decided to rent boards down here instead. The price for renting a board for 3 hours is $5, and for the day is $10. Cristobal, the guy who runs it is very nice.

We get to the end of the main road in Popoyo, but to reach the surf break we have to cross a river, and unfortunately our cameras can’t go through.

Still- I make it there with my dad, and we have a great session.

We then go on to explore other places such as the famous Rancho Santana.

The beach here is nice but the place reminds me of the reason why I did not want to go to Costa Rica – a big closed community for foreigners.

I can’t resist the ocean and even though there are no waves to surf, I go in for some bodysurfing and play with my go-pro.

We then are told of a path that we can drive to the same spot I surfed this morning. We make our way through a hill and there it is, we are just in time to watch a sunset session.

I am glad to know that Popoyo is reachable to us all!

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