April 2011- NY 2

Friday after school is one of my favorite times of the week. It feels you’ve accomplished something because it is the end of school week, and … it is a time to hang out with friends, and skateboard. The Chelsea Piers Skate Park was built last summer, and like the Stuyvesant Street Plaza, it is part of Hudson River Parks. There used to be a park here years ago that was put down, and the new one is a lot better. It is made of concrete and designed in a way so any type of skater can go there and have a good time.

I left my GoPro with a new friend in Barcelona… so in the meantime, I am back to my FLIP Camera which still comes in handy.

Then it was Sunday!

Pancakes at a modernized Greek diner in Chelsea:

And in the afternoon: Three Songs of Lenin, a film that is part of the Dziga Vertov retrospective. Check out the work of this amazing Russian director, going on at MoMA, from April 15-June 4.

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